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Christina Cookson shows the humorous side of pets that they only express when they become part of your family, the goofy childish side that makes us say that they’re our fur babies. Compositionally, she’s a highly skilled artist who takes some of the best editorial dog photos we’ve seen.

Hi, I’m Christina, owner + photog lady here at WYTP.  I’m so happy you stopped by + I can’t wait to meet your furbaby!

Dog Photography

Dogs are our bestest buddies, amiright? We have had the absolute pleasure of photographing hundreds of them over the years, and there’s nothing we’d love more than to photograph your pup(s) to add to our ever-growing WYTP family. Whether you are looking for a dog photo shoot in the beautiful outdoors, an indoor session in your cozy home or a studio-style session, we are happy to accommodate you!

Cat Photography

Cats are gorgeous, independent, loving and sometimes shy creatures. Having had the honor to work with many, many, cats in the past, including dozens of shelter cats, I totally get cat-ness. Whatever demeanor, likes or dislikes your particular kitty has, I have the patience to turn our photo session with your cat into a meow-sing success! Luckily, my gear includes lenses that allow me to get beautiful photos from a distance.

Studio Sessions

Are you looking for a studio pet photography session in the Denver area? Lucky you, we got you covered! We are fully equipped to handle a professional studio session with all the bells and whistles. We offer 2 types of studio sessions, one with just the furkid(s) and one where you can join your pets for some photos!

Pets and their Families

There’s nothing we love more than getting the humans involved and part of our family sessions. Our furkids love us, and we love them more than words can say. Let’s face it, you may have 1000+ iPhone or even camera photos of your baby, but do you have any good photos of you AND your pooch or kitty? Probably not. And that’s where we come in.

Engagement with Pets​

Are you recently engaged? CONGRATULATIONS!!! Are you hoping to include your furkid in your wedding celebrations in some fashion but aren’t sure how? Well, look no further than a super unique and totally beautiful pet engagement or save-the-date session with WYTP! We absolutely love these adorable sessions and hope to help you celebrate this amazing time in your life with your furbaby(s)!
Let's schedule a photo shoot!

What’s all the buzz about Christina and WYTP?

"I would highly recommend Christina if you are looking for professional photos with your pet. She will do a great job, and the process will be easy and enjoyable too! Thank you Christina for all your hard work and efforts put in to produce such high quality results! So thankful to have these memories captured!"
Katherine L.
Denver, CO
"My dog, Stanley, and I had such a wonderful experience. Christina was a natural with Stanley (he loved her immediately), and she had good ideas for how to get unique shots. I plan to do another session with her in the summer! Highly recommend if you're looking for some special shots of your best friend."
Nicole N.
Wheat Ridge, CO
"We absolutely loved our photo session with Christina. She is amazing! We ended up with a ton of fabulous pictures that were too cute to choose from, which is why I love that she will give you all the pictures from the “the best of the best” selection. We will definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to do a session with their pets! Thank you!! Highly recommended!"
Katrin H.
Littleton, CO
"We were so happy to have found Christina. She took the most incredible photos of our precious boy, Coconut to celebrate his life (he was diagnosed with cancer and not given much time). She took photos of all three of the furry family members and the three humans. We have so many beautiful memories now to always look back on the good times with our full family."
Nicole M.
Broomfield, CO

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