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3 Boxers Golden Gate Canyon

Hi friends! Thank you so much for stopping by! Today I wanted to share our absolutely adorable fall session with the trio of boxer-mix rescues, Marty, Reecie + Beau! There is nothing quite like fall in Colorado, when the Aspens turn that glorious golden color and nature puts on the most beautiful show. No wonder fall is hands-down our busiest season of the year. So, naturally, when we were planning our session for October, we had to pick a location that puts all of that fall gorgeous-ness on max display. After coming up with some options, they decided on beautiful Golden Gate Canyon state park near Golden, CO. This location is a bit of a further drive and requires a permit, but it is absolutely worth it! The fall foliage is incredible. So here’s a little backstory for these 3 cutie-patooties!

Marty AKA Marty Joe is about 3 years old and was rescued when he was just 1.5. He’s an OH-SO-ADORBS Boxer/Staffordshire Terrier mix. Marty was at a kill shelter in New Mexico but, thankfully, his momma rescued him through New Hope Animal Rescue based out of Colorado Springs. She was just browsing through dogs online when she came across his profile. Upon seeing his handsome mug, she reached out and was told that Marty was 3 weeks away from getting put down…. so naturally she asked how soon she could get him, and they said they could drive him up in one week. 🙏🏻 So, long story short, she jumped on it and got him right away! 🥰 He has warmed up and become so comfortable in his new home. Marty is her snuggly boy and goes on lots of adventures with his new fam here in Colorado. 🏔🍂

Reecie is Marty’s lil’ sis! 😍🐾 She was also rescued about 2 months ago from Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue in Denver. When she got Reecie, they said that she is a Boxer/Black Mouth Cur mix + about 2 years old … but when they visited the vet, it turned out she’s probably just about 1 year old. In addition to being a gorgeous sweetie-pie, Reecie also super playful now that she’s coming out of her shell. As is quite normal for rescues, she was very skittish at first (and still can be), but she warms up much faster than her big bro Marty. ❤️ When Marty and Reecie met, they clicked instantly. Must be the boxer thing, they stick together!! Reecie also loves adventuring to the mountains with recently went on her very first hike!! 🏔🥾She’s never been so happy. 😃

Last, but certainly not least, is the newest addition to the fam – handsome and sweet Beau! Beau was transferred from a shelter in Arkansas to Hobo Care in Denver, where he was adopted just 3 weeks before our shoot. He’s only about 1 year old and believed to be a hound mix. He has scarred ears, and the shelter believes this was from someone severing his ears or using him as dog bait. 😔 Thank goodness for rescue!! While he is still working on his confidence with others, his humans know it’s a slow but steady process and are super patient with him. 🙏🏻 It was instant love when he met Marty & Reecie. ❤️ Beau is a super playful, loving, energetic lil’ guy who loves to play with his siblings.

If you are looking to do an epic Colorado fall shoot with us someday, I do recommend reaching out early, i.e. mid-to-late summer, to secure your spot. Because weekends in the fall at all the fall foliage hot-spots get super crowded with “leaf-peepers”, I also recommend trying to schedule a weekday with us. We can shoot later in the afternoon, but doing it on a weekday will be so much easier and hassle-free. Also, Golden Gate is just one of our go-to fall foliage locations, so you have more options! If you’re interested in learning more or booking with us, reach out here and let’s get you some gorgeous pics of your furbaby(s)!

Here are some of our favorite images from Marty, Reecie + Beau’s session, hope you enjoy!

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