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A Tribute to Emma the Cat

Hi dear Friends! We hope you’ve been having a wonderful and relaxing summer. It’s been SOOO busy on the WYTP front, but we’re excited for all the fun that’s ahead! Today, we wanted to dedicate this blog to a very special kitty named Emma, who we had the amazing opportunity of meeting last year. Unfortunately, Emma passed away a little while after our session, but this is a tribute and celebration of the amazing cat that she was and the wonderful joy she brought her hoomans. Here’s a little bit about Emma and our session with her.

When Emma’s momma reached out, she was in a bit of a pinch. You see, Emma was already 14 years old and was recently going through some health struggles. Her health was deteriorating, and Emma’s mom wanted to schedule a cat photo session quickly so that her spunk and playfulness would still be there for us to capture. We worked out our schedule and got them in that very weekend.

We met Emma at her beautiful apartment downtown. It was a gorgeous, sunny, day and the natural light flooded Emma’s favorite rooms, the bedroom and the living room. This made for the perfect backdrop to capture Emma in her natural habitat. Emma definitely enjoyed her space. Thanks to my 70-200 mm Nikon lens, I was able to keep my distance and still capture all those gorgeous intimate moments and portraits. Here’s a little bit about Emma, in her mom’s words:

“I can talk all day about Emma. My roommate, my sister, and I got Emmy in 2004 from a shelter when she was 3 months old. Within a year, my roommate went to med school and my sister went away to work for an NGO for a year, and Emmy became my shadow and has been mine ever since. She loves to be around people, tolerates being touched for a few minutes, and hates to be picked up. She has attacked/scratched every dog she has ever encountered AND beaten up my sister’s two cats and my brother-in-law. Even though she has mellowed out in old age, she’s still…feisty. She loves sunbathing, sleeping on her back, and knocking things off shelves at 5am. She gets into long ‘meowing’ conversations with my boyfriend that is hilarious to experience. She’s extremely picky with her food and has known to go on hunger strikes until she gets her way. She’s trained me to exclusively buy fancy feast medleys or solid white tuna in water. She’s my first animal and has me wrapped around her little paw.”

As you can imagine, when Emma crossed the rainbow bridge, it was one of the hardest experiences for her mom. Losing your first furbaby, just as any family member, is one of the most heartbreaking things we go through. But having those memories of our session is a comfort that Emma’s family can hold on to forever. So here’s to beautiful Emma! We hope she is basking in the sunshine with tuna on the tongue. 🙂 XOXO, WYTP

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