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Abby and Samson’s Amazing Confluence Park Session

Hey Everybody!! We hope you are having a great year so far! We have to say, 2018 was pretty epic. Moving to Colorado was a dream come true, and we have been so honored to have met so many Colorado puppers already in just the few months we’ve been here. One of our favorite sessions yet was none other than our beautiful two-dog photography session at Confluence Park with adorable rescue duo, Abby and Samson! These two senior cuties and their pawrents were a dream to photograph! Let me tell you a little bit about Abby and Samson’s background, in their momma’s own words:

“Samson and Abby (both 10 years old) are both Dachshund mixes. Samson is a Dachshund-Pug mix (“Dug”) and Abby is a Dachshund-Yorkshire (“Dorky”). Samson is a bit overweight and goes by Bubba. He will eat anything and loves all food. Abby goes by Beans or BB because of her red hair color and because looks like a kidney bean. That said, both are getting older and the grey/white hair is starting to take over. Both bark like they will take your arm off, but it’s all love and they calm down in about 10 minutes after meeting new friends. They both do well with humans, but other dogs are always a distraction and with little socialization as younger pups its pretty much a lost cause now. We try to bring the dogs with us whenever possible to enjoy life just as we do. They enjoy walks down Tennyson Street, biking, SUP boarding, camping, and dancing to feel-good songs every Friday night. [HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!] Their favorite treat is baby carrots.

Samson is the love-bug of the two and loves the good things in life – sleeping, food, more sleeping in the sun, more food 🙂 He’s our “baby-proof” dog and doesn’t mind little one’s getting in his face, pulling on his extra fat rolls, or at his tail. He has a toy that is his “baby” and walks this toy every night around the house. He loves to snuggle and finds the bend between your legs on the bed or coach to round himself into.

Abby is the dominate one, but breaks down easily. She likes to be first in line on the leash, getting out a door, or sitting on your lap. Abby is very attentive/keen and knows emotions very well. We often think she is our therapy dog as she is right by your side when we are sick or upset. She is very protective of family and friends, but especially of Samson when he’s in trouble. She will sit right in front of him shielding any scolding.”

We absolutely LOVED our Denver pet photo session with these adorable puppers, and we have no doubt this amazing family is the best thing that could have ever happened to each other. Their love and bond was completely palpable and something everyone should aspire to. We love this happy tail, and wish these 4 all the best for the future! Here are some of our very favorite images from our session with Abby and Samson! We hope you enjoy! [And check out the wonderful review Abby + Samson’s momma left for us! #sograteful]

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