About Christina Cookson

Pet photographer branding session in Denver Colorado

Hi! I’m Christina. I’m a recovering attorney who found the joy of furkids and photography about a decade ago.  But, like most of us, I had to continue the grind in the corporate world until I was able to pursue my dream full on.   Here’s my story.   I graduated law school in 2005 and started working as a defense litigation attorney in the Philadelphia area. After a few years, life took a super interesting turn. In 2008, I moved to Colorado and got a little 3 month old Siberian Husky, Newton. The move out West & the love and joy that Newton brought to my life jolted me in a very real and permanent way. Being in such a beautiful place made me appreciate and see the world more intensely. It also brought a sense of independence and adventure that quickly grew by leaps and bounds. I soon picked up my backpack, new camera and headed out into the mountains with Newton. While I was in Colorado, I pursued my Master’s at CU at Boulder and caught a break from lawyering.

Then, as life sometimes does, a curveball was thrown my way. In 2010, I returned to the East Coast and to the legal profession. But, my love for photography and animals never wavered. I continued to hone my skills and slowly built up my arsenal of Nikon gear. In 2014, my amazing husband and partner, John, pushed me to start Wag Your Tail. While I questioned how on earth I could possibly start a business while working full time as an attorney, I also knew that this could be the start of something amazing and I had to take the leap. And so, WYTP was born. Weekends filled up quickly with furkid shoots, and slowly my little business grew and morphed into something I could never even imagine or hope for.  Now back in beautiful Denver, Colorado, my life has come full circle. The sense of incredible pride and joy that has come with this journey is hard to put into words. But, I hope that you can see, and feel it, it in the images that I create. The rest, well… here I am. My vision is simple: Join together the beauty and joy of the four-legged love of your life with a sense of artistry and creativity.  I love getting to do dog photography and cat photography, but I am also a lover of all animals and have had the amazing opportunity to photograph horses and even mini pot-belly pigs!