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American Eskimo Dog Alvin in Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO

Hello friends!  Today I want to share our beautiful session with Alvin and his pawrents at lovely Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO.  The park is a must-visit in Boulder with stunning and straight-on views of the iconic Flatirons.  Because it does get so super busy on the weekends, we save this location for weekday shoots.  Trust me, it is nuts on weekends!  In addition to having to dodge the hundreds of visitors at the park, you usually can’t even find parking on weekends.  Anyway, we were super happy that Alvin and his mom + dad could meet us there on a weekday, because the views are worth it!  Plus, the Flatirons are super special to Alvin’s family because they are graduates of CU at Boulder (I got my Master’s there too!).  Now let me tell you a little bit about Alvin!

This uber-adorable little boy is a 14 yo American Eskimo Dog who has called Colorado home all his life! 🗻 He + his pawrents live in Broomfield and both mom and dad are CU at Boulder alumns.  That’s why, when we booked their session, beautiful Chautauqua Park in Boulder was the ideal spot!  Alvin is his parents first love, and he’s been with them since puppy-hood. 🐶 As you can imagine, they are just over the moon for their Alvin. 😍 Alvin’s name was inspired by… yep, you guessed it, Alvin, mischievous troublemaker, from Alvin + the Chipmunks!! Whenever he gets in trouble, he hears “ALVINNNNNN!” 😆 But, really, that’s very rare. Alvin is a really good + sweet boy!

This was a very special and important session, because he’s had a really tough time health-wise since last Thanksgiving.  His parents have been doing everything they can to help Alvin, and this session was to celebrate their sweet boy and everything they mean to him!  We so loved getting to meet Alvin and his family.  Hug your furry loved ones tight and always remember to say “I love you” – your furkids know what it means. 🥰 ❤

PS: Alvin’s mom recently reached out to us to let us know that Alvin had 2 knee surgeries and is totally back to his old happy and active self!  This truly was the best news we could have hoped for!  All our best for this sweet boy and his parents!

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