Aoife & Caoimhe | Irish Wolfhounds

Yes, yes… we know… it’s been like a Millenium since we last blogged. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†Honestly, it’s been so busy for the WYTP team that we just haven’t had the chance to even sit down and take a breather! ¬†But hey, we are certainly NOT complaining! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Today, we want to tell you about our amazing session with two incredibly¬†stunning Irish Wolfhounds,¬†Aoife & Caoimhe. ¬† The¬†session/photographs were¬†a surprise birthday present, and ended up being¬†a total hoot and success! ¬†Here’s a little background on this beautiful¬†pair.

Aoife & Caoimhe are biological sisters from two consecutive litters. ¬†The family got the pair when they were both around two¬†months old.¬† Caoimhe is now 22 months, weighs about 110 lbs, and is about 30″ to the shoulder. ¬†She is generally calm, even in the face of other dogs being excited with the exception of her younger sister! ¬†Caoimhe will ignore her 2-3 times before deciding it’s finally time to exert her authority.

Aoife, as the younger sister, is now 10 months old.¬† She weighs about 75 lbs and is approximately 25″ to the shoulder. ¬†Aoife tends to be more shy around strangers than Caoimhe. ¬†And unlike Caoimhe, Aoife seems to be more afraid of the unknown while the older one just deals with new situations stoically.

Both pups¬†are super¬†affectionate and love¬†playing in the backyard, as we amply witnessed during our session! [Check out the action shot below for proof]. ¬†Irish wolfhounds as often described as “gentle giants.” ¬†We totally agree… Aoife & Caoimhe fit that¬†description perfectly!

We loved getting to know this amazing pair¬†and their family and we wish them all the best! ¬†Here are our favorites from the session! ¬†Enjoy! ¬†ūüôā <3

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