Augie | 3rd Barkday Party

Hi Guys!  We are back with another fun blog featuring one of our favorite pastimes… photographing doggie birthday parties!  Some of you might remember that we got to photograph Augie’s 2nd Barkday party last year at Wagsworth Manor.  Well, we were over the moon excited when Augie’s mom reached out to us again to shoot Augie’s 3rd Barkday party!  You see Augie is a very special German Shepherd who we had the pleasure of meeting two years ago when we went along on one of his hiking adventures to photograph the fun with his buddies Alex & Ranger.  Ever since then, Augie has stolen our hearts and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to capture some awesome milestone moments in his life.

The place for Augie’s 3rd Barkday was once again beautiful Wagsworth Manor in Malvern, PA.   It was a beautiful Sunday mid-day affair with Augie and all of his furry and human friends.    Some of his best friends from last year, like Ranger, were able to make it, and we also met some new friends.  And, OH what fun was had!  There was running around, playing tag, getting pet by all the humans, humping friends, swimming in the pool, eating cake and exchanging presents!

Augie is one lucky pup, but truthfully, it’s the humans and pups that get to be part of his life that are lucky as well.  We love you Augie, and wish you all the very best with many more years of Barkdays to come!  🙂  Here are some of our favorite moments from Augie’s 3rd Barkday.   Enjoy!

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