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Bailey's Beautiful Mount Falcon West Session

Wow, 2022 is flyyyyyying by… if you’re reading this in the future, we are finally getting back to some normalcy and so happy to be here. Today, I want to tell you about our beautiful session with Bailey and her pawrents. We met this adorable trio on a golden afternoon at Mount Falcon West – one of our absolute favorite spots. We had the best time, and Bailey did an incredible job for her first professional photo shoot ever! In order to tell you all about this pretty girl, I thought I’d let her tell you her backstory in her own words…

Oh haiiiii world, I’m Bailey! 🐾👋🏻 I’m a 2.5 yo yellow lab + pittie girlie who was born in Fruita, CO! 🐶🤩 I have a taste for adventure + love hiking, swimming, fishing and snowboarding. 🏔🎣🏂 Yes, I’m THAT ColoRADo! 😬 When I’m not outside, I enjoy relaxing with my hoomans + eating treatos. 🥓🦴 My fave thing is to head out to the doggo park to play with other doggos, but then I get supaw distracted by the tennis balls + just want to play fetch over + over. 🎾 I think they call that “Attention Fetch Disorder”. 🤣😂 My momma says I’m the sweetest dog and they feel so lucky to have me… but guess what? I feel just as lucky to have them + they’re way better than any tennis ball! 🥰❤️ I was stoked to get my pictures taken by WYTP & even though I almost choked eating grass, it turns out I have a nack for this dog modeling thing! 💃📸 It also helped that the photog lady + that treat guy were oohing and awing all over me the whole time! 🤗💘😂 HAHAHAHAH – so much fun! 🎉 I sure hope you like my pictures! 😍

If you have a furbaby that you want to capture in a gorgeous Colorado setting like this, reach out and say hi!  I’d love to chat and get to meet you and your baby!

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