Bennett the Honey-Brown Eyed Mix

So it’s been a long-short winter so far & we are just now getting around to some much-overdue blogging.  This week we wanted to tell you a little bit about the CUTEST lil’ rescue pup and his big Save-the-Date session to celebrate his humans getting MARRIEEEED!!!   We have to tell you, we have never come across such beautiful and mesmerizing honey-brown eyes on a pup.  This guy is a heartbreaker!    Here’s the heartwarming backstory on Bennett and his humans. Bennett is your quintessential lovable mutt.  He may have some Rat Terrier, some Border Collie, some Beagle and some Jack Russell in him, and he weighs just under 25 lbs.   Bennett’s mom and dad found his picture online and fell for his sweet face and endearing eyes.   Adopting Bennett was, and still is, the best thing that has happened to them, not only from a companion standpoint, but also for health reasons!  (They say pets improve our health and help us live longer, did you know?)  Well… Bennett and his daily walks turned out to be the best cardiac rehab therapist ever! Before we met Bennett, his mom described him to us as a sweet and funny soul.    This was totally the vibe we got as well.   Being in Bennett’s presence, you absolutely start to get a feel for his personality on a deeper level.   Does this make sense to any of you??  I bet it does.   Another thing we quickly realized was that Bennett dearly loves spending time with his humans.  He was never far from their side.   Even when he got a little ahead of them during the shoot (like when I was having him run towards the camera for that super awesome action shot), he would stop, look back and make sure they were there.  {Sigh, hearts exploding with all the feels!}. While Bennett’s parents mentioned that he could at times be a bit nervous and cautious when he meets new people, he definitely warmed up to us and even came up to us on his own as the shoot went on.   It certainly helped that we are super patient and that mom and dad brought delicious treats for us to woo him with!! Like so many of our clients, the opportunity to get professional photographs of Bennett was intended to serve many purposes.  First of all, mom and dad wanted gorgeous photos of  the most handsome and cute dog they have ever met (no bias there :).   Second, they wanted to sincerely capture his spirit and personality through photographs that will last a life-time.  But perhaps the most important reason for this shoot was that Bennett’s humans are getting married!   Because Bennett is on the nervous side and not that great in groups of people, it’s likely that he may not be physically with his humans on their wedding day.   To make up for that, and to incorporate their sweet pup in some way, they decided to have Bennett be the star of their save-the-date, invitation and thank-you cards!   How awesome is that??   We couldn’t think of a more amazing way to feature and incorporate your sweet pup in your wedding preparations and plans. Bennett is one lucky pup and his parents are super lucky humans!  They cannot imagine their lives without Bennett.  As mom told us, he is a constant source of joy, love and happiness and they are better humans because of him.  We know how they feel & are so grateful and lucky to have met this family and this handsome and gentle pup.   We wish them the VERY BEST for their upcoming wedding and many more years of happy tail wagging with Bennett!!  🙂 Here are some of our favorite images from Bennett’s Save-the-Date session.   Enjoy!!!

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