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Bentley Celebrates Dad’s Graduation

Hello Everyone & Congrats to all the new Graduates!!! To honor this very special time of year, we are finally getting around to this very long overdue blog…  here we go!  So last May, Bentley’s dad reached out to us for a super cool dog photography session idea:  a celebration of his graduation from college that would include and feature his bestest buddy, Bentley. This was such an awesome and unique session idea, and, so of course, we were sooo excited to do it.

Let me tell you a little about Bentley.  This Aussie Shepherd is such a cutie-patootie, and he is totes his dad’s adventure buddy and best friend.  Bentley is not only beyond handsome, and always sporting the most adorable smile, but he is legit the ladies’ man.  His charisma level hits a new level of expert.   More on that below…  Bentley came into his pop’s life when he was just a wee-little puppy.  Throughout the years, they have been on many fun-filled adventure trips, and Bentley is always by dad’s side.  It is no wonder that Bentley was front and center at his dad’s graduation celebration.

We met Bentley and his dad on his school’s beautiful campus on a gorgeous morning and spent a couple of hours hitting up the most iconic spots for some uber-fun shots.  From the “Wings of Thought” at Mentor’s Circle to the big blue chairs to the steps of Memorial Hall and the beautiful fountains, we made our way all across the Fightin’ Blue Hens’ stomping grounds.  As for pomp and circumstance, Bentley’s dad wasn’t the only one decked out in graduation gear.  Bentley came prepared, too…  donning a Graduation hat, a university bandana and tassel headband, this pup was dressed for success!

All in all, there were many truly sweet moments between this pair, throwing of graduation hats, romping in fountains and, yes, Bentley did a LOT of flirting with some of the pretty female graduates getting their own pics that day.  I’m not joking, we literally had to pause our session for Bentley to go pose with a fellow graduate who was just smitten with him.  But, hey.  I can’t blame her.  I totally would have done the same thing.  🙂

We are so grateful that we got to do this unique pet photography shoot for Bentley and his dad. It’s absolutely one of the most memorable ones we’ve had to date.  I have no doubt these two have many more years of amazing adventure, memories and good times ahead.  We wish them the very best!!!

Here are some of our very favorites from this awesome graduation session!  Enjoy!

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