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Bindi the Aussie Shepherd Bernese Mix

Hello dear friends! For this blog post, we wanted to share with you the beautiful fall dog photo session we had with Bindi, the most adorable puppy, in one of our gorgeous City parks. The backdrop for this shoot was a gorgeous October afternoon with all the warm fall colors in full effect. While the morning had been gloomy, the sun peeked through in the afternoon making for incredible lighting. Here’s a little backstory on our super cute client. Bindi was adopted from a litter of puppies, which were getting ready to be taken to a shelter unless homes were found for them fast! Bindi’s mom and dad could not resist and are so grateful they scooped this gorgeous girl up. Bindi is an Aussie Bernese mix, mostly Aussie Shepherd. She is almost 5 months old and super active! Bindi loves running with her momma (short distances for now), playing frisbee, fetch and doing tricks. As we could tell instantly, Bindi has a really good temper, is friendly, and had absolutely no problems posing for the camera. She was a total expert model, you guys!

The sweetest part of meeting Bindi and her mom was seeing the truly incredibly tight and loving bond the two share. Bindi was never far away and always looked up to see where her momma was. Now that’s love! Her mom and dad named this girl Bindi for obvious reason… Steve Irwin’s awesome daughter, Bindi Irwin!!! (And she is Australian!) While this session was overflowing with favorite images to choose from, I picked the following to best showcase the beauty of this shoot’s location, the cuteness of this puppy and the sweet bond between her and her momma. We hope you enjoy!

You can also check out Bindi’s session as featured in the amazingly beautiful & dog-obsessed Pawsh Magazine!

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