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Biscuit & Xander, Two Cutie Patooties

Today we want to tell you a little bit about our awesome dog photography session with Biscuit and Xander, two handsome and oh-so-lovable rescues, who we were so lucky to photograph last Spring. We met these two cuties and their pawrents on a beautiful day in the suburbs. Despite threats of rain, the weather held off! Here’s a little bit about their rescue stories…. Biscuit and Xander are both rescues. Biscuit was adopted 3.5 years ago. They knew they wanted a Yorkie and had been looking for a few weeks online and stumbled upon Biscuit (formerly Leo). He was abandoned by his previous owner (literally kicked on the street) and was turned in by a neighbor who tried to bring him back but the previous owner wouldn’t keep him.

Poor Biscuit also had a chicken bone lodged in his esophagus when he was found and had the scratchiest bark when they first met him (it’s part of the reason they fell in love with him). Biscuit is a bit on the bigger side for this breed (around 20 lbs) but he’s PURE love. He does suffer a bit from separation anxiety and follows his momma around everywhere. His favorites are belly rubs and scratches! Xander is a Yorkie-Havanese mix. He was adopted the July prior to our session (in fact, July 23 is his Gotcha Day!).

By pure coincidence, Biscuit’s momma stumbled upon him on a local rescue website. She doesn’t know why, but they knew this little pup needed to be in their life. There was a long series of events that initially kept Xander’s adoption at bay, including his being transferred to another unknown facility. But, they never stopped searching for him and finally found his listing again at another rescue. They immediately submitted all the paperwork to get pre-approved for the adoption.

Once they saw Xander in person, they fell in love immediately. As his momma describes him, Xander has an abundant amount of energy! He loves to play fetch and runs for hours. How can you tell these two love-bugs apart? Well, Biscuit has a short little tail while Xander has a long tail (they call it the floofy tail). You can follow Biscuit on Instagram at @hangingwithbiscuit and Xander at @hangingwithxander. 🙂 We wish this beautiful family the very best for the future! Below are some of our very favorite images from this unforgettable pet photography session. We hope you enjoy! XOXO, WYTP

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