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Brody the Cutest Australian Shepherd

Hello dear Friends! Today, we want to share with you our awesome outdoor dog photo session with a very special stud muffin named Brody. We met Brody and his momma on a Spring day at a beautiful little park in West Chester. As is typical for Spring, we had to reschedule for rain, and rain was threatening on the rescheduled day. But, thankfully it held off and we got some gorgeous shots! When we had our session, Brody was three-ish, and his birthday was just around the corner. He is an Australian Shepherd who has been with his momma since puppy-hood. While he’s not necessarily at the “top of his class” in terms of “smarts”, he makes up for it by being the happiest pup around! Brody doesn’t have a tail, but he wiggles his butt BIG TIME when he’s happy, which is often. 🙂 True to his breed, Brody is very fast and agile. He’s also an excellent listener (and poses on cue, which made this shoot a breeze!). This breed is also known for loving their owners, and Brody is no exception. He LOVES his momma and dotes on her every chance he gets. Since she works at night, Brody gets to snuggle with her all day long, which, I mean, how awesome is that?! Brody loves to take long walks, go to the dog park and find adventure on rigorous hikes. His other hobbies include chasing bunnies and finding tennis balls in his neighborhood.

We had so much fun getting to meet and spend time with Brody and his momma! I have no doubt they will have an amazing future with tons of adventure and loving snuggles. We wish them all the very best for the future!! Below are some of our very favorite photos from Brody’s session. Enjoy! XOXO

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