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Callum & Islay | Scottish Terriers

Imagine a lovely winter afternoon in late November. You are strolling along wide open fields, enchanted woods and streams with the golden hour on the horizon. Now imagine strolling that scene with a stunning pair of Scottish Terriers for a magical dog photo shoot. Well, we were lucky enough to live out this dream with Callum & Islay and their mom just a few months ago. This session showcases just how exquisite winter-time can be for a photo shoot. The backdrop of neutral and soft colors works beautifully for any final print art work if you are looking to decorate your home. The cooler temperatures also help make your furkid more comfortable in the setting.

This session was mainly a celebration of Callum and his upcoming 10th birthday. You see, Callum traveled all the way from Scotland to follow his mom and the two have been inseparable since. But lets not forget beautiful Islay. She joined the family later on and completed the perfect trio! Here’s a little bit about this pair as described by their loving mom: “I went to vet school in Scotland and really wanted to get a dog to help make those long, difficult days more tolerable, and since I was in Scotland, a Scottish Terrier was the obvious choice. The breed was a perfect choice for my then student lifestyle – small, independent, intelligent, moderate exercise requirements, and feisty – these little diehards were the obvious choice.

Callum was born on the east coast of Scotland and from the moment I met him and his litter I fell in love with him and the breed. Callum and I have been on so many of life adventures together – completing vet school, traveling around the UK and America, expanding our furry family, advancing my career – and he has always made the tougher days just a bit easier. He is my heart. Islay joined the family in 2013 as a spunky, wee puppy from Maryland. As much as Callum is quintessentially British, Islay is certainly an American. She brings so much energy, playfulness, outgoingness, and affection to our home. Her theme song would definitely be ‘Everything is Awesome’. She brings a youthful light and joyful smiles wherever she goes. She is my joy.”

Our hearts are always full after a shoot, but this one in particular really hit home… you see, Callum is like my Newton. Although Newton didn’t actually come from Siberia, he came into my life when I lived in Colorado and we embarked on amazing adventures together. Then, he traveled back to the east coast with me… along every step of the way, the highs and the lows, Newton was there to be my constant companion and best friend. He, too, is my heart and my joy. 🙂 We are so grateful to have helped document the incredible bond between these three and wish them all the very best for the future! Here are some of our very favorite images from Callum & Islay’s session. Enjoy! PS: In the first photo below, Islay is on the left & Callum is on the right. 🙂

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