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From waiting 30 minutes for a kitty to come out from underneath the bed to getting the “cold shoulder” for half the session to getting hissed at numerous times… there’s nothing we haven’t seen. The beauty of my experience is that I get it. Whatever the intricacies with your particular kitty, I’ve likely seen and handled it before. In addition, I have lenses that work from far away, so if your baby is shy, I can keep my distance and still get incredibly beautiful photos. Humans are also more than welcome to join the pawty!

Our Photo Shoots

Let's schedule a photo shoot!

When you’re the lucky companion of a cat, you know you’re not the cat’s owner. The cat is your equal, maybe superior, amiright? Cats can be just as loving and cuddly as a pup, but others are far more independent and selective with how they relay their affection. Cat shoots are usually way different than dog photo shoots. And sometimes, I think cat people are hesitant to schedule a session, because they think “Oh my cat’s not going to cooperate”, “my cat will hide the whole time”, or “my cat will give the stink eye the whole time”. We’ve had dozens of cats sessions, and I’ve worked with dozens upon dozens of rescue cats, one on one. I’ve seen it all.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Cat Photographer?

Most people might not even know that professional cat photography exists until they get a new furry family member and think, hmm, I’d love some great photos of my new furbaby! So here are just a few reasons why YOU should invest in a professional photo shoot for your kitty. 😻

(1) Yes, you have a gazillion photos of your cat on your cell phone (no judgment here!) But, no one can capture your kitty’s spunky and goofy personality like a professional cat photographer can. I spent at least an hour on the ground observing and photographing your cat being his/her self, and its within those moments that I am able to capture those unique facial expressions and body movements. In fact, most times, I have a hard time putting my camera down once the session comes to a close… I just love what I do so much! I’m constantly laughing and aww’ing up a storm during these sessions, and my clients tell me they do the same when they get their images.

(2) It’s FUN! You may think that a pet photography session is stuffy, boring and tedious. A cat photo session with us is the total opposite! We have fun during our session, and I love getting to play and interact with the cats I photograph, IF the kitty is okay with that, of course! We use toys, treats and have lots of play-time on shoots. My goal is to capture the joy and personality of your cat, and the experience of the shoot itself is sooo crucial to that end. Also, I always bring my assistant/partner/husband, John, along to help. He’s usually standing behind me waiving a toy or treat to get the cat’s attention. That way YOU can be part of the shoot as well! What’s better than photos of your cat? Beautiful, memorable and fun photos of YOU WITH YOUR CAT!!

(3) No matter how long we have with our furkids, it’s never long enough. Our cats are our family, but the hardest part of that joy is also the fact that they are only with us for such a short period of time. Celebrate your cat by documenting the beautiful memories and capturing your cat in all his or her glory with photos that last forever. I can’t tell you how many times my clients tell me how grateful they are to have the photographs. This is especially so in the case of senior cats who sadly cross the Rainbow Bridge after the session. It’s during those times that these photos become absolutely invaluable.