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Charlie, Butters and Token at gorgeous South Valley Park

Hello friends!  We are so happy you stopped by, because I want to share this amazing session we had with Charlie, Butters and Token at gorgeous South Valley Park!  🐶🐾  This adorable trio’s mom and dad reached out to schedule a shoot while all 5 of them where back in Denver for a visit.  While they moved away a couple of years ago, Colorado still holds a special place in their hearts and their family is still here.  So, we scheduled a session at South Valley Park in Littleton, which was near where they were staying.  South Valley Park has a little bit of everything… stunning red rock formations, beautiful open trails, distant mountain views and a pretty reservoir to boot!   Now for the fun part, here’s a little bit about each pup.

Charlie is the uber handsome Chihuahua mix (possibly part Miniature Pinscher) who his pawrents adopted 7 yo from MaxFund Animal Wellness Center. Charlie has 2 equally adorable furbros who you’ll meet next! As his momma told us before our beautiful session last week, the first thing anyone notices about Charlie is the long, thick, scar he has on his back. 😓 It’s heartbreaking to look at, thinking of what he must have gone through before he came into their lives, but I have no doubt Charlie knows just how loved and cherished he is now with his amazing family. 🙏🏻 And this is what we love so much about rescue!! 💖👏🏻  Charlie is the ultimate lap dog that’s always looking to his pawrents for cuddles. 😃

Butters, is the CUTEST Shiba Inu/American Eskimo mix! 👋🏻🐶🐾 Butters is Charlie’s older bro + the oldest of the pack. Butters’ momma told us that he has a very special place in her heart, because she truly learned the meaning of unconditional love when he came into her life. 😍She also told us before the shoot that he is the most photogenic dog + gets so much attention anywhere they go. And as you can see, she wasn’t kidding! He’s just as handsome in person! Like most Shibas, Butters is very cat-like and independent. But when Butters’ mom is having a rough day, he always lets her smother him with all the hugs and kisses for as long as she needs without running away.

Token is Charlie + Butters’ ADORBS brother. 🐶 As his fam told us, Token is some kind of mixed breed (maybe some kind of terrier?) that they adopted from the Dumb Friends League.. His momma describes Token as by far the sweetest and goofiest of the 3 fur-siblings. 😁 From afar, he looks like he has the demeanor of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, but the simple sound of his name charges him with so much energy + excitement. Token now lives with his grandpawrents here in Denver so he can protect them and keep them company. He is one of the most popular members of the very big extended family, and we can totally see why!  Token was super excited to see his brothers again and their reunion made  for such a fun shoot!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing session + if you are interested in booking your own shoot at South Valley Park – just give a holler! 

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