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Deangelo's Beautiful Mommy + Me Session at Mount Falcon West

Happy day everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you did, because this blog has all those amazing furkid feels that I know you’re looking for! This shoot was all about DeAngelo (AKA “D”) and his momma’s bond with him… basically a “mommy and me” sesh, which I absolutely adore. D’s mom reached out to us, because she wanted to memorialize her sweet boy, their move to gorgeous Colorado and – most importantly – her bond with D. While she had a ton of pics of D, she didn’t have any great photos of her and D just being themselves, especially here in beautiful Colorado. Knowing how much my photos of me and our pups mean to me, I was so excited to help her with this mission!

Here are some of my fave images from D and his mom’s session.

We met on a super windy, but relatively balmy, day in late December. We picked Mount Falcon West, because (1) it’s gorgeous and (2) it’s a relatively large park that allows for lots of space from you and any other park visitors. Because D doesn’t love when other doggos get too close, this was the perfect spot for us. And, we met on a weekday, which meant way less crowds than on the weekend.
Here’s a little bit about this adorable little guy! DeAngelo is an amazing 11.5 yo coonhound mix. 🐶🐾 His momma rescued D in 2010 from a shelter outside of Charlotte, NC when he was just 12 weeks old. D is a hound dog through + though, and he looooves to sniff everything and anything in his path. He is a Pisces, so he’s a very sensitive soul with a lot of feelings. 🐟❤️ D loves playing with his toys + nibbling on them with just his front teeth while he lays in front of the TV. 📺 His favorite napping places are on his mahm’s bed (directly on top of the pillows) or on the former couch blanket that she gifted him bc he loves it. D is a very well-behaved boy + knows how to sit, lay down, and give high-fives (he’s right-pawed). 👋🏻 He also understands some French! (oui oui!) 🇫🇷🥖As a puppy D’s mom taught him “ici” for “here” and “allons-y” for “let’s go”. Definitely one of the smartest puppers we’ve ever met! 🤓 DeAngelo has lived in 4 different states since he was rescued, but their grandest adventure has been moving across the country to Denver! And we’re so happy they did, so that we could meet them + capture their amazing bond!

I hope you loved these photos. And if you want to book a session for your pup or kitty, just reach out and say hi!

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