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Deenie the Sweetest Senior Basset Mix

Hi Friends! Today, I am so excited to tell you about our beautiful home doggy photo session with gorgeous Nadene (affectionately known as Deenie)! Deenie’s mom reached out to us from Colorado Springs and hoped to set up a session with us at her home. You see, she wanted Deenie to be comfortable and act like herself. Deenie is an oh-so-pretty and sweet senior Basset/Beagle mix. Her mom had always wanted to have pictures taken when she was younger, and just never got around to it. But, because Deenie is still ridiculously cute, now was as good a time as ever! When we met Deenie, she was starting chemo for lymphoma. But thankfully, Deenie had also started on some medications that helped give her more energy. As Deenie’s mom told us, and we could instantly see when we met her, Deenie’s best features are her big brown eyes and the best ears you’ve ever seen! 🙂

Nadene is her momma’s best friend and her heart dog. Her family adopted Deenie back in Kansas 11 years ago, and she was fully grown then. Deenie’s mom then moved to Colorado and Deenie jointed her here shortly thereafter. It’s been just the two of them that whole time, and it was therefore so so so important to her to capture some pictures to document how much Deenie is loved.

I had such an amazing time photographing Deenie and also the bond between her and mom, and I can’t tell you how much this session meant to me. I could absolutely relate to Deenie’s mom on every level, because Newton – now 11 years old – is my heart dog and my best friend for over 10 years now. There is no love like the love of a senior dog + I am just so grateful that I got to do this pet session and capture this beautiful girl!

Here are some of my very favorite images from Deenie’s session! I hope you enjoy!

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