Denali the Bernese-Golden Mix | Wag Your Tail Photography

Dear Friends, summer is upon us, but we can’t stop thinking about our snow-filled dream session with Denali, the (then 9-week old) Bernese-Golden Mix puppy.   Dogs are awesome at any age, but that puppy-hood is an extra special time.  You get to see personalities emerge and you form that bond day by day, adventure by adventure.  There’s just something very special about being in a pup’s life from that stage on.  I know that having had my Newton since he was 3 months old, I feel like he and I have shared a life-time together.  I know Denali’s momma will no doubt feel the same way.

Denali’s mom reached out to us with a pretty clear vision and plan for her session. She was envisioning a winter-wonderland where her bundle of fluff could romp around and we could get some gorgeous photos of this pup in his element: SNOW!   And we were so excited to get to help!   We waited for the perfect opportunity and after a nice big snow-fall, we headed out to Wissahickon Park to document this beautiful friendship that was just beginning…

Doing this shoot was like magic.  I almost felt like I was behind the scenes watching, because I couldn’t believe what a beautiful day we were having and what a gorgeous pair Denali and his mom made.   I always say that one of our goals is to provide our clients with not only beautiful photographs to cherish forever, but also a bonding experience and memories that they can carry with them forever.   I think, and I hope, we were able to do that here.

I’m so excited and honored, because we will have the absolute pleasure of doing more sessions with Denali to help document his growing up… I love Denali’s mom’s idea to do a session for each season and can’t wait to get started on the next amazing session.

In the meantime, dear friends, feast your eyes on these gorgeous moments from Denali’s first session with WYTP.  🙂  See you soon, Buddy!

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