Denver Cat Photography

When you’re the lucky companion of a cat, you know you’re not the cat’s owner. The cat is your equal, maybe superior, amiright? Cats can be just as loving and cuddly as a pup, but others are far more independent and selective with how they relay their affection. Cat shoots are usually way different than dog photo shoots. And sometimes, I think cat people are hesitant to schedule a session, because they think “Oh my cat’s not going to cooperate”, “my cat will hide the whole time”, or “my cat will give the stink eye the whole time”. We’ve had dozens of cats sessions, and I’ve worked with dozens upon dozens of rescue cats, one on one. I’ve seen it all.

Cat Photoshoots

From waiting 30 minutes for a kitty to come out from underneath the bed to getting the “cold shoulder” for half the session to getting hissed at numerous times… there’s nothing we haven’t seen. The beauty of my experience is that I get it. Whatever the intricacies with your particular kitty, I’ve likely seen and handled it before. In addition, I have lenses that work from far away, so if your baby is shy, I can keep my distance and still get incredibly beautiful photos. Humans are also more than welcome to join the pawty!

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