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We have had the absolute honor of photographing over 300+ dogs in the past few years, and there’s nothing we’d love more than to meet and photograph YOUR pup(s) to add to our growing WYTP family. Whether it is an outdoor session in the gorgeous Colorado elements, or an indoor session to accommodate a senior pup or just to capture your baby in its most comfortable element, we’re game.

Our Photo Shoots

Let's schedule a photo shoot!
Let's schedule a photo shoot!

Some of our favorite locations

Dogs are our best friends. They are family. They are our true and loyal companions. For some of us, they are the only “kids” we have (including yours truly). It’s no surprise that more and more dogmoms and dogdads in the Denver area are calling on us to schedule a dog photography session to celebrate their furkids. Whether you’re interested in an outdoor session, or if you’d prefer a studio session instead, we’d love to provide you with stunning photos!

Why Should You Hire a Professional Dog Photographer?

Most people might not even know that professional dog photography exists until they get a new furry family member and think, hmm, I’d love some great photos of my new furbaby!  So here are just a few reasons why YOU should invest in a professional photo shoot for your doggo.  🐶

(1) Yes, you have a gazillion photos of your dog on your cell phone (no judgment here, I have that, and then-some, on mine!)  But, no one can capture your dog’s spunky and goofy personality like a professional dog photographer can.  I spent at least an hour on the ground observing and photographing your dog being his/her self, and its within those moments that I am able to capture those unique facial expressions and body movements.  In fact, most times, I have a hard time putting my camera down once the session comes to a close… I just love what I do so much!  I’m constantly laughing and aww’ing up a storm during these sessions, and my clients tell me they do the same when they get their images.

(2) It’s FUN!  You may think that a professional pet photo session is stuffy, boring and tedious.  A dog photo session with us is the total opposite!  We have fun during our session, and I love getting to play and interact with the dogs I photograph.  We have toys, treats and lots of play-time on shoots.  My goal is to capture the joy and personality of your dog, and the experience of the shoot itself is sooo crucial to that end.  Also, I always bring my assistant/partner/husband, John, along to help.  He’s usually standing behind me squeaking a toy or waiving a treat to get the dog’s attention.  That way YOU can be part of the shoot as well!  What’s better than photos of your dog?  Beautiful, memorable and fun photos of YOU WITH YOUR DOG!!

(3) No matter how long we have with our furkids, it’s never long enough.  Our dogs are our family, but the hardest part of that joy is also the fact that they are only with us for such a short period of time.  Celebrate your dog by documenting the beautiful memories and capturing your dog in all his or her glory with photos that last forever.  I can’t tell you how many times my clients tell me how grateful they are to have the photographs.  This is especially so in the case of senior pups who sadly cross the Rainbow Bridge.  One of our most recent senior sessions was with Fuzzy + Chiquita.  We were so heartbroken to hear that Fuzzy passed a way shortly after our session, but so grateful that the photos brought Fuzzy’s family joy and solace.  Check out our short video about our very special session with Fuzzy and Chiquita.