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Ella Butter Bean The Doxie Cutie

Hi sweet friends! Gosh, we sure miss the normal life. How is everyone doing? We hope you are all hanging in, staying safe and healthy at home. Other than sorely missing our fur-clients, 2 restless husky bears who miss hitting the mountain trails, and recovering from the trauma that was Tiger King, we are doing well and are grateful for all those people who are out there helping those in need.

Today, we want to share with you one of the most adorable and sweet mommy-and-me pet photo sessions featuring Ella “Butter Bean”! ❤️ Go follow her on Instagram at @ellabutterbean 🐾

Here’s a little bit about Ella. Ella was only 8-months old when we met her late last year! As you probably guessed, she’s a miniature Dachshund aka Doxie. From the moment her momma picked Ella up, she changed her life. They have grown incredibly close and Ella was without a doubt meant to be her fur-child. They do everything together, and they have become instant rocks of support for each other. Sadly, Ella was incredibly sick when she first got her and her mom spent a lot of time taking care of her and holding her until she got better. While Ella’s mom didn’t know it at the time, that bonding experience was actually helping them both. And when Ella grows up, she wants to be a therapy dog so she can help others out as well! How awesome is that!?

Because we can’t say it any better, here’s more about this cutie, in her momma’s own words: “Ella is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, I know I’m biased but, seriously. I love waking up to her snuggling around my neck and on my pillow, she gives me kisses and we make sure the snuggle is real before we get out of bed in the morning. She prances down the street for her morning walk and we stop at the senior citizens home to help brighten people’s day. I’ve taken her there regularly and met a lot of kind souls in the process. I’d like Ella to be a therapy dog so I can take her to hospitals to cheer people up when they need it most. Ella has been undergoing extensive training at Noble Beast and is always eager to please. As Ella is growing it’s so fun watching her experience new things! Something as simple as a leaf blowing across the sidewalk for the first time, makes her want to play. She’s now become an expert at catching leaves in mid air and proudly prancing down the street with one in her mouth. She loves sticks of all kinds and will proudly show off her prize to the world [Exhibit A below].”

We are so happy we got to meet and photograph this beautiful duo. And yes, Ella and her momma even had a quick wardrobe change so they could get some Christmas themed pics in, which we absolutely loved!

We wish Ella and her mom all the very best for the future. I have absolutely no doubt that their bond is only going to grow by leaps and bounds. Ella will be her mom’s bestie for years to come, and we are just so honored we got to capture their bond so early on! XOXO, WYTP

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