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Engagement Session with Koa and Ellie in Boulder

Hello, and thank you for stopping by our blog! On this edition of our WYTP pet photography adventures, we want to share our absolutely gorgeous and memorable engagement session with Koa, Ellie and their pawrents at South Mesa Trail in Boulder, CO. This amazing session was a pure celebration of love and rescue! You see, Koa and Ellie’s mom initially reached out to schedule a regular two-pet package but then dad was planning to propose the morning of our session, so he reached out to us separately to clue us in on the surprise! I was so excited for this shoot, I can’t even tell you! We picked South Mesa trail, because mom and dad met in Boulder while attending The University of Colorado at Boulder. This spot has beautiful views of the oh-so-iconic flatirons that Boulder is known for.

Here’s a little background story about the adorable rescue pair that complete this family!

First up, beautiful Koa! 🐾🤩 This gorgeous girly is an almost 3 yo black lab who is full of cuddles and a princess attitude. 👸🏻 If the tiara fits, right??! Koa is one half of the adorable duo @2rescuepuppies on Instagram with Ellie, her sis, being the other half.  Both Koa + Ellie are huge BUFFS fans (obvi, as their pawrents are both alum). In addition to getting lots of love + attention from her momma and dad, Koa enjoys laying on anything soft, going on long adventures and chasing bugs and bunnies. 🐰 While Koa has been living in Arizona for the past few years, she, Ellie and their dad just recently moved back to her home-state Colorado. And mom is not far behind, just having to finish up grad school in AZ. Since the whole fam was going to be back in CO over Thanksgiving break 🦃, they wanted to celebrate with a sesh with us, and we’re sooo glad they did! ❤️ We had a blast getting to meet Koa and her fam this past Sunday. Koa gave lots of adorable puppy dog eyes and even came over to me a bunch throughout the session to say hello and get pets. 🥰 Now that’s my FAVORITE kind of fur-client!

Next is Ellie, AKA “Ellie Bellie” 🐶🐾😍 Ellie is Koa’s beautiful sis and is also an almost 3-yo rescue pup. She was adopted when her pretty momma + dad moved to Arizona. Ellie’s breed is a bit of a mystery, but their best guess is probably a Chesapeake Bay Retriever / Pit Bull mix. Ellie has the most energy ever and you can always find her giving a smile. 😃 She enjoys hanging out with her sister Koa no matter what she is doing, chewing on balls or bones and getting to play tug-a-war or hide and seek with dad. 👀🤩 Ellie and her sis Koa are just some of the lucky pups who fall on hard times but through the wonderful world of rescue find a second chance at happiness. 🤗 Rescue is so near and dear to our own hearts (our Maya is a rescue too), and so many of the furkids we get to photograph are rescues, which makes us so so happy.

I can’t tell you how much we loved getting to capture this family and helping celebrate this special time in their lives.  Engagement sessions always include candid and/or posed (however you prefer) love-filled photos of you as the couple and the ring, and of course, as always, lots of pics of the pup(s) and the whole family together.  

Here are some of our favorite images from this session. We hope you enjoy them!  And if you just got engaged and are looking to include your pups or kitties in a super unique and special engagement celebration photo shoot, reach out and let’s chat!

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