Family Fun with the Whole Family

Hi Friends!!  So happy you stopped by… because this blog features a session that will go down in WYTP HISTORY!   One day, I got an email from a very hesitant mom of 3 boys and 3 pups.  Basically, the idea was to try and get group family photographs and individual shots of all 6 kids.   The email then read something like, “Is this something you can do?… For me it seems like crazy for even thinking this can be done. Can you?”  Oh my gosh!  At first, I froze & immediately envisioned children running amok, dogs running in all different directions, parents running after all six and me running frantically after everyone with my camera flailing all around. Then, I started to laugh out loud and thought, goodness, this could be a lot of fun & could end up as a beautiful and very unique furkids-with-family session.   So, I enthusiastically accepted the challenge.  The results…?  Well, see for yourself! A little background on this gorgeous family.  The Oring furkids:  Moshia (3 yr Chocolate Lab),  Rivka (1 yr old Labradoodle), and Shira (a tiny little7 month old 7-pound mix of something full of love).  The handsome Oring boys range in ages from 5, 9 and 11 and are full of that hysterical and adorable kid energy you’d expect.   Mom & Dad were total rockstars.   They never broke a sweat and kept the laughs going all session long!  We really couldn’t have asked for a more fun, friendly & lovable family dynamic! The session was held at big local park with plenty of room to roam.   It was a late afternoon, and the clouds were looming ominously.  Thankfully, rays of gorgeous sunlight popped through the clouds and we got some beautiful lighting to fill the frame. All I can say is we have amazing memories to last us a lifetime from this session.  Not only did we get beautiful photos of the whole family that they will be able to cherish forever, we also got to meet some incredible people and adorable pups that gave us an afternoon of laughs and joy.  So thank you so much Oring Family! You guys rock and we wish you all the best!   Here are some of our favorite images from the session.  Enjoy!!  🙂

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