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Finn’s Pawsome 1 Year Gotcha Day Anniversary Session

Hi Frens! We hope you are having a wonderful fall and that you’re all getting ready for the big holiday season coming up. Today, I want to tell you about our most pawsome studio session dog shoot with Finn! Finn and his beauuutiful momma came in to celebrate his 1-year Gotcha Day Anniversary, and we couldn’t have had more fun. Balloons, a big cookie for Finn and pawfect outfit changes for Finn and his momma’s favorite hockey team. Here’s a little backstory on this adorable pupper…

Finn and his momma have a cool adoption story, like most. One day she went to “walk dogs” at the shelter since she was missing her family dogs back home in MN. Finn (then named Flash) was sitting in his kennel just looking for love and was not barking like all the other dogs. She asked to take Finn on a walk and to give him some TLC. Not surprisingly, she instantly fell in love. He was just a little puppy so she knew he’d be adopted right away. The shelter staff said he had been there for a month and had been looked over.

So, she left the shelter, without adopting Finn. But, Finn never left her mind. She called her family and friends for advice, but everyone gave her the old “now’s not a good time” spiel. Later on, she wrote on one post-it note, ‘”Get Finn”, and on another “Don’t get Finn’”(yes, she had already named him!) Thankfully, she pulled the “Get Finn” post-it! While she was just going to go in the next morning, she had a sudden urge to head back over that very minute… As she walked in, her heart sank immediately… another family was visiting with him. They both had to put their names on post-it notes and, well… the rest is history. They called her name and she was over the moon happy! Finn and his momma have been inseparable ever since. [Moral of the story: Life is too short + amazing opportunities don’t come knocking every day, so follow your heart!!!]

In his free-time, Finn enjoys dog parks, naps and every.single.human he meets. He dislikes grass, water and early mornings (same here, bud). I looooved playing with Finn on breaks during the shoot – he’s such a fun-loving guy!!!

They frequently travel to Minnesota, and Finn loves seeing his grandma and going to the cabin and jumping in the lake (even though he is terrified of water – haha). Finn is a huge part of the family and they all just love him so much! And we can totally see why. Finn is an absolute sweetie pie and just the cutest little pupper ever! We wish Finn and his momma the very best for the future and have no doubt they’ll have incredible adventures ahead!

Here are just some of our fave shots from Finn’s Wag Your Tail Photography session! I hope you enjoy them!!

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