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Freda The Tripawd

Hi there + welcome to another WYTP blog where we feature photography sessions with the many cutie-patootie furkids we’re so lucky to get to meet throughout the year! Today’s blog is SUPER special, because it features the most adorable tripawd, Freda!

We met Freda and her humans on a beautiful fall day at Beaver Brook Watershed Trailhead in Evergreen, CO. The location is STUNNING, most especially in the fall when the Aspens have turned golden and the afternoon light is just magical. There is nothing I love more than capturing the personality of a pup when they are happiest, and for Freda, that is when she is out in nature with her dad! And that’s exactly what we accomplished with this beautiful session. Here’s a little bit about Freda, in her own words:

“I’m an almost 2 yo German Shepherd / Boxer mix + the cutest GSD-mix girlie the photog lady + that treat guy at WYTP have seen in quite some time (their words, not mine)! 🐶🥰 My dad rescued me from Farfel’s Farm & Rescue in Boulder, but I hail from Houston, TX! ⭐️ I’m a happy go lucky girl + mostly just love to spend time with my dad – he’s my best friend!!! 🤗 Wherever he goes, I’m always up for the adventure! 👏🏻 In my free time, I really enjoy playing ball or cuddling up on the couch and watching football on the weekends. 🏈🛋 As you can probably tell, I’m very special because I’m actually a tripawd! 😬 My dad doesn’t know what happened, but it really doesn’t matter anyway… I don’t let it get in my way and never miss a beat! In fact, the photog lady was so impressed with how fast and agile I am! I’m so happy to have found the best dog dad ever, and he has made my life so happy and full! ❤️😍🙌🏻 I hope you like my pictures, I smiled real pretty, don’t you think?!?”

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