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Henley + Syd at Mount Falcon East

Friends, is your favorite breed rescued?  Yeah, samesies!  That’s why I was so excited to get to meet and photograph this beautiful pair of labs, Henley and Syd.  Henley + Syd’s momma reached out after learning about us through our volunteer work with the amazing Denver lab rescue, Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue (RMLR).  You see, their momma is an incredibly dedicated + valued volunteer with RMLR, and she saw some of the photos I was taking of their fosters.  To see some of those adorable fosters who have since been adopted (YEAHY!!) check out my Photolanthropy page.

But anyway, let’s focus on this adorable pair whose family is 100% devoted to rescue work!  Henley is a 9 year old chocolate lab who hails from Iowa.  Henley is super friendly and loving.  He loves playing fetch (a bit obsessively) and swimming.  Henley also loves other dogs, so when he was around 2 his pawrents started fostering for Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.  This gave him the wonderful opportunity to have a playmate and also show them the ropes of being a spoiled pup, like taking naps on the couch with a pillow!  Syd was foster number 11 (how amazing is this fam?!) that year, and they just couldn’t part with him… how could anyone blame them?  One morning they were all hanging out on the bed and mom asked Henley if they should adopt Syd. Henley replied by laying his head on top of Syd’s back, and thus, they “foster failed”!  Syd is now 6 years old and also a great foster brother to the many pups that have come through their house.  His people and dog social skills are a little awkward, but they get better every year!  He loves sleeping under the covers during the winter, long walks (especially if he can chase a rabbit or two), and being brushed (even though he has very little hair).

Friends, fostering is so so crucial – and frankly – one of the biggest needs every rescue faces.  Because I can’t possibly say it as well as RMLR, here’s an excerpt in their own words to help explain:

RMLR is 100% foster based, so the number of dogs we can help is limited to the number of foster homes we have. RMLR mostly works with out of state shelters, but we also take in some dogs from Colorado. Once we commit to taking a dog, they are considered “safe” and the shelter will hold them until they can arrange a transport to Colorado. Typically, we don’t have a lot of background information on the foster dogs, but we do ask that they be temperament tested with other dogs. The shelters know that even they can’t save every dog, so they try to send us the best ones – they know that dogs in Colorado have amazing lives! We will not take dogs that have shown aggression with humans or other dogs. Many dogs are stressed out in a shelter environment and once they get to Colorado their true personalities show – they can finally relax and realize that they are safe.

We hope we did this amazing rescue justice by trying to relay the huge importance of rescue work, and particularly fostering!  If you have the heart, space and patience to foster, please click here to apply + start making an incredibly important difference in these amazing pups’ lives.  For every rescue pup who finds a foster home, another rescue gets to come off the streets and get a chance at their furever home!  Thank you!!

Now, please enjoy some of our favorite photos from our incredible family pet photo session with Henley + Syd at Mount Falcon East.  Enjoy!  XOXO, WYTP

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