Jenny, The Prettiest & Sweetest Senior Cocker Spaniel

Hi Everyone!!!  We are so excited to tell you about our super special session with the sweetest senior girl, Jenny!  When we met Jenny, she had an incredibly big birthday coming up.  She was turning 15 years old!!! But, we would have never guessed that had we not known it in advance. This girl still has it! Here’s a little backstory on this beautiful pup! Jenny is a Cocker Spaniel from Indiana (where her family also grew up).  Jenny came into her family’s life when she was less than six weeks old.  Jenny’s soon-to-be (hooman) sis was 7 at the time and picked her out and named her.  Jenny is closest to her sis and momma.   She lovingly follows her mom around the house at all times.  As we immediately learned on the shoot, Jenny is very sweet and loves people…  but she hates all animals.  True to many smaller breeds, Jenny’s got the typical “big dog in a small body” mentality. She talks a big bad game, but in reality she is a prissy, pretty girl. 🙂 Jenny also has her own, very special, personality. As her momma describes her, she is a true contrarian.  If she calls Jenny and asks her to come to her, Jenny will go and sit by her dad in bold defiance.  Ha ha, what a ham!!  Jenny – unlike most puppers I know – also likes to be dressed up.  She LOVES anything soft and comfortable (who doesn’t, right?!).  When she goes to the groomer she likes to soak in the hot water and starts to fall asleep (her spa day) (again, who doesn’t?!?!?). It was very clear from the start of my communications with Jenny’s momma, that this family loves her more than anything.  We feel so lucky that they reached out to us to capture this gorgeous girl and her incredible bond with her family.  Thank you for allowing us the honor!  We wish Jenny and her family all the very best!  Below you’ll find some of our very fave photos from this session.  Enjoy!  XOXO, WYTP

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