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Hey there Friends!  We hope you are in the mood for major cuteness coupled with killer fierceness.   Because, ladies and gents, that’s what today’s blog is all about.   We’d like you to meet Killer, the Toy Poodle!   As you can imagine, when we first got that intro email inquiring about a shoot for a pup named Killer – without knowing any other details – we were immediately intrigued.   What kind of dog was this going to be?   Is that an ironic name or true-to-form?   Well, as we always do, once our shoot was booked, we had Killer’s parents send us a quick bio so we could get to know this pup a little before the shoot.

Not only did we get a bio, we got a photo (see first pic below)!  And, boy, let me tell you we almost fell off of our chairs when we saw Killer’s pic.   Our ADORABLE meter went through the roof and we were giddy with excitement.   As you can see, Killer turned out to be a little Toy Poodle with major posing/dress-up skills!   🙂 Needless to say, we were overjoyed to get to do this shoot with this pint-sized cutie.

Here’s a little backstory:  Killer  is a 12 year old Toy Poodle who has been with his pawrents since he was a puppy.   Mom described him as “a lazy, spoiled boy and the apple of our eye(s)”.   She also told us that Killer loves people and he is very polite and gentle.  He even used to be a therapy dog for nursing home patients, but he is retired now, living the good life with his family.

Killer certainly lived up to his biographical description when we met up for the shoot.   He was sweet, friendly, and full of spunk.   Deep down inside, I think Killer had always been waiting for his big break, and I think being the center of attention at our photo shoot was exactly what Killer had dreamed of.   Shot after shot, this striking little bundle of cuteness gave the camera everything he had.  The posing was on-point and the images we got are some of our favorite dog portraits ever! Killer, you killed it!  And your pawrents were incredible too!   All in all, we knew we were in the presence of greatness & we are so thrilled that we got to meet Killer and his amazing family.

We wish them all the best for the future!  Here are some of our very favorite images from Killer’s session.  Enjoy.  🙂 <3

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