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Lewi at Wash Park

Heart Dog ❤️
[hart dawg] noun.

Your everything, your world. One incredible pup who is that once-in-a-lifetime dog + completely changes everything. That dog is your heart + your soulmate.

Today we want to tell you about our beautiful and oh-so-special sessions with Lewi and his momma at Washington (“Wash”) Park here in Denver.

Lewi is an UBER adorable + handsome 9 yo super-mutt + his momma’s heart dog! 🐶🥰🐾 His wonderful momma reached out to us, because now that her baby boy is getting older and slower, she is getting sentimental and wanted to capture some professional photos while she could. We’re so happy we could do that for her. 🙏🏻

We met Lewi + his mom at Wash Park on a beautiful and still very warm fall evening. Lewi wasn’t so sure about the photo shoot at first, but with a lot of patience, treats + doting by us all, he warmed up and totally blossomed into a bona fide doggie model! 🤗📸 More than that, though, it’s the photos of him + his mom that fill my heart with so much joy. 😍

I’m so glad Lewi’s mom reached out to us while Lewi is still doing well enough to have fun on a shoot. And I’m so grateful we got her these precious memories to document their incredible bond forever. When I sent her the best of the best from the shoot, I got this message back: “Oh my goodness I’m crying!! They are so wonderful!!” I knew how she felt, because my eyes teared up going through them as well. 🥹

We fell in love with Lewi + wish him so many more happy memories with his momma! 💘

If you are interested in scheduling a session with your baby at Wash Park, or anywhere else, just reach out and say hi!  PS: Wash Park is most beautiful in late Spring, Summer and early Fall when the flowers are blooming.

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