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Lord Baxter the Cavalier King Charles Puppy

Hey everyone! Today, we want to tell you about our AMAZE-ING dog photography session with “Lord” Baxter (@baxterinboston on Instagram) and his family! We met this uber-adorbs pupper on a gorgeous day at his family’s home. Their backyard and gorgeous flowers made for the perfect backdrop for this shoot. Most of all, tho, we have to admit, we were eeeeeeking out big time over how cute Baxter is! Here’s a little bit about Baxter… When we met him, Baxter was just a weee-7 months old. He is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As his momma told us, “I’m pretty sure he is the cutest dog there ever was and ever will be. He is my everything.” As most furkid parents will attest, Baxter has brought his momma so much love and joy.

The name Baxter was a no-brainer for her as she is a huge fan of the movie “Anchorman”. And, just like me, Baxter’s mom never had a dog growing up but always wanted one. Now that he is in their lives, Baxter’s grandpawrents just melt around him (we can’t blame them). Baxter has become a huge part of the family. One thing that particularly “tickles” them is when Baxter goes and sits in the grass in their backyard, puts his nose up in the air and “surveys his estate.” As a result, they have taken to calling him Lord Baxter. Not only that, but Baxter’s face exudes royalty…. don’t ya think?

As we learned right away on the shoot, Baxter is a little ball of energy. He loves to play, get belly rubs, lick faces (particularly ears), eat treats, lay in the grass and curling up in a ball to sleep. He also does a really cute stretch and then falls asleep with his little arms out in front of him. HA HA HA HA! Basically, Baxter is the definition of cute, and his momma has so much love for him. I think we captured all of that cuteness and love, right?!? We wish Baxter, his momma and his entire family all the very best for the future! Below are some of our favorite images from the memorable pet photo session. We hope you enjoy!

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