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Maya’s Sweet 13 Session

Hi Fellow Animal Lovers!!

Today, we want to tell you about one of the sweetest and most memorable senior dog photography sessions we’ve had.   The star of this shoot was Maya.  When we read her mom’s story about how she found Maya, we almost could not believe it.   The story goes a little like this:  The first year after college, Maya’s mom started working abroad.  Her college roommate was visiting, and they were walking in the cloud forest at night when they suddenly heard crying.   They were near the home of a woman with many cats and figured one was trapped somewhere.   But then, they raised their flashlights to find the source of the sound.  

Suddenly, they discovered a very young puppy (probably around 4 to 6 weeks old) under a bush!   Very soon, it became evident that Maya was going to be in her life forever.   Maya flew home with her new mommy and has now lived with her all over the country. Maya turned 13 in early March and is absolutely the love of her mom’s life & her very best friend.    The love between Maya and her mom abundantly became clear the very moment we met them.   The rest of the shoot was filled with the most amazing sun-lit moments between this incredible pair that is celebrating 13 years of unconditional love and life adventures.   We are so honored to have been able to capture these moments through our lens and we wish them the very best on their next big adventure together!   Here are some of our favorite images from the shoot.  Enjoy!

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