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Midi the Most Adorable Senior Pom Mix

Hello dear friends!  I hope you’ve been well and are enjoying the summer, which is finally in full force.  Today, I want to share a very special dog photo session with you… our gorgeous session with Midnight on a golden afternoon at City Park.  Here’s a little about this sweet sweet girl.

Midnight (“Midi”) is a descendent of a whole bunch of awesome doggie breeds, but her roots are strong with the Poms. 🐶She was rescued by her (now)-mom’s grandmother back in 2008 from a shelter in Utah.  In addition to her gorgeous & exotic looks, and her killer smile, Midi is an absolute love bug and the happiest pupper you’ll ever meet.  She loves her momma and dad so very much.  She also loves her 2 pupper siblings, Mimi and Milo, and her 2 chinchilla siblings (check them all out over at @midi_and_mimi on Instagram).  Midi tends to be the center of attention when she wants to be, but it’s for good reason. 🙂 As her mom says: “It is impossible to know how grateful I am at the joy she expresses at the sight of me. Her mouth opens up into a smile and she runs to me – even in her old age. Life is hardly made of better moments than that and I have collected so many they are countless. She loves me like crazy. And I belong to her.”

The love between this family was clear as day during our session, and I hope the love, warmth and joy they share comes through in these photographs. They are all so lucky to have each other, and I know without a doubt, that this will forever be one of my favorite sessions ever.

Photographing Midi was pure happiness and warm-fuzzy feelings. This little girl sure stole our hearts. She’s truly one in a million, a heart dog. We wish her and her whole family all the very best for the future!

Here are some of my favorite images from the session. I hope you enjoy! XOXO, WYTP

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