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Mojo’s Gorgeous + Epic Session at Mt. Falcon

Hi Friends! Today I want to tell you all about our amazing doggy photo session with Mojo and his pawrents. ❤️ One of Mojo’s mom’s best friends contacted us all the way from Phoenix, AZ to purchase a gift certificate for her birthday. As you can imagine, we were so excited and so was Mojo’s mom when she found out about this awesome gift! Because Mojo lives here in beautiful Colorado and loves to be out in nature, we decided on Mt. Falcon in the Indian Hills for our session. And boy oh boy, was this an epic session!!!! But first, here’s a little about adorable Mojo:

Mojo is turning 9 in October! Happy happy early bday to Mojo!! 🥳 He’s been with his momma ever since he was just a wee-little 12-wk old puppy. Someone in her family’s neighborhood had an unplanned litter and luckily she got to give Mojo a home. Mojo is an oh-so-handsome mix, with a wide range of breeds from Bernese Mountain dog to Retriever, but he mostly resembles a Staffordshire Terrier. Mojo is his momma’s hiking buddy, and he loves to rock climb, rollerblade, play frisbee, and chase birds and squirrels. Mojo is an indoor dog, and as his momma told us, he’s a big snuggle baby and lap dog despite his 50-lb muscle butt LOL! 🤣

From the moment we met Mojo on the shoot, he was a total sweetie and such a good model. His coloring was spectacular against the lush green forest and the mountain-scapes that are so abundant on Mt. Falcon. I was so lucky to capture so many adorable moments of Mojo and his hoomans, and with all the hiking and treats, I think Mojo had a blast too.

We loved getting to meet this fam, and are so happy this gift card session came our way! We have no doubt Mojo and his fam are going to have many more years of epic adventures here in Colorado and we wish them all the very best for the future.

Here are just some of my very favorite photos from Mojo’s session. I hope you enjoy them!

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