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Murphy the Therapy Dog

Hello dear fellow furkid-lovers! Today, we want to tell you about the most amazing pet photography session we had with Murphy and his momma! We met this amazing pair on a perfect autumn day at one of our favorite outdoor park locations. This particular area in the park has the most stunning fall-foliage we’ve ever seen. The reds and yellows on the trees and golden fields surrounding you are spectacular and one of the most incredible outdoor secrets our City has to offer. Let me tell you a little about Murphy. Murphy is a Yellow Lab. He was rescued from the local humane league and is thought to be about 10 years old.

Murphy’s mom found him when he had just turned two. While she walked into the shelter that day with no plans to get a dog, Murphy ran up to the front of his cage with a tennis ball in his mouth and she was immediately hooked! Needless to say, she scooped him right up and took him home. As his mom explained, and we got to learn rather quickly on the shoot, Murphy is just such a happy dog and loves to be around people. 🙂 My cheeks hurt so much from smiling throughout the session just watching him play and enjoy the outdoors. Murphy has no doubt changed his momma’s life. He makes her smile all the time, is always happy to see her, loves to go on road-trips with her and has even helped her through a lot of life’s hurdles. The feeling is quite mutual though. When Murphy first came into her life, he was petrified of living in the City (he was very underweight, scared of all noises, and the shelter said he likely was from a puppy mill – grrrrr 🙁 ).

Over the years, and with his mom’s help, Murphy adapted incredibly well to the City and makes dog and people friends on every walk. In 2015, Murphy and his mom started training and Murphy became a certified Pet Therapy Dog! Currently he and his mom volunteer at the VA Medical Center once a month. We’d say this is a pretty incredible rescue success story! The opportunity to do this shoot was an incredible experience for us and we truly feel so grateful to have met them both. Murphy & his mom have a lot of exciting adventures ahead & we wish them the very best on their journey! Here are some of our favorite images from the dog photography session. Enjoy!

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