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RiNo Session with Olive

Today, we want to tell you about the incomparable + beauuuuuuutiful Olive! 👋🏻🐶🐾 Every Dobe we’ve ever met has a regal aura about them, but this girlie is pure royalty to the core. 👑 She is a queen, and she knows it. 😃 But most of all, she’s her momma’s best girl. 🥰

We actually met Olive’s momma earlier last year when we did a gift shoot for her and her heart dog, Jack (namesake of his mom’s rescue, @afriendofjack). Jack had cancer, so it was a very important + meaningful session for Jack and his mom, and we were heartbroken when Jack passed after our shoot. If you have been through this kind of heartbreak, you know it rips your heart + soul to shreds. It was no different for Olive’s mom. And when she later found out that her sweet girl Olive now has cancer, too, she knew she had to celebrate + honor Olive’s life and their bond just as she had with Jack.

It’s an unimaginable thing to have to go through, nevermind back to back. Someone once told me that furkids are little pain machines. I think what they meant is that we spend so much time worrying about them, and then we have to go through the hurt and agony of losing them after such a relatively short time. This is true, and it’s unbearable. But, the best thing we can do is hold on to all the endless days of happiness our furbabies had with us.  All the smiles, the wagging tails, the cuddles + kisses. Nothing else matters when you hold those memories close to your heart.

We’re so happy we got to do this amazing session for Olive + her mom! 😎🤘🏻 The grit and colors of the RiNo murals made the perfect backdrop for this queen + her personality. And she’s such a rockstar that another photog even asked to borrow her for some shots for their own shoot – can’t say we blame them! Keep fighting sweet Olive, we’re all rooting for you! 🤗🩷💋

If you’d like to book a special session to celebrate your furbaby with a session in RiNo, or somewhere else, just reach out and say hello!  PS: RiNo is a very fun spot, and as you can imagine, it gets busy later in the afternoon when folks start heading out to all the restaurants, etc.  That’s why I highly recommend booking a RiNo session on a Monday – Wednesday in the morning or early afternoon. 

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