Pawfect Save the Date | Lela & Weber

Hello dear Friends!   Have you ever blinked and realized that months and months have passed by without you even realizing it??  I feel like that totally happens to me, all the time.   It certainly was the case after our super fun pawfect save-the-date / engagement session with sweet Lela & Weber and their awesome hoomans!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE celebrating hooman love, and we love it even more when there are furkids involved, and when there is a heart-warming rescue story to boot. Well, here we have it all!   🙂  That’s why we were so excited to hear from Lela & Weber’s mom when she reached out for the session.   To add even more fun to the mix, we found out that Lela & Weber’s dad is a volunteer fire-fighter and wanted to include his fire station in the shoot.  Hmm, let me think about that, I said… UM YEAH!  What an awesome idea!!

Let me tell you a little bit about these awesome pups we got to meet.  Their ma and pa began dating way back in sophomore year of high school.  Even then, they always knew they wanted to rescue a dog together.   Eventually, when the right timing presented itself, they decided it was time to make a move after seeing Lela’s photo appear on their local SPCA’s website.   Little did they know would be introduced to the most incredible dog anyone could ask for.   They believe that Lela is a mix of Great Dane and German Shepherd.  Because she had had a rough rescue journey, Lela was a little reserved at first, but she quickly let her personality shine through. As her mom describes her, Lela is a very independent dog with a lot of attitude and brains that can get her into some interesting situations.  She’s such a good doggie that she even has her Canine Good Citizen certificate!   Lela is absolutely her momma’s fur-daughter and spirit animal.

Weber was also a rescue and has been a total joy and best bud to sister, Lela. He is believed to be some sort of mix between Black Mouth Cur, Great Dane and Lab. When they first got Weber, he outweighed Lela, weighing almost 90 pounds at just 10 months old.  In contrast to his sis, Weber is a carefree goofball!  That is… until you try to take away his favorite toy or he feels that his home and family are in danger.   He will do anything for a good booty scratch and some human food (who wouldn’t, right???).  As his mom describes, Weber truly has the kindest, happiest spirit and constantly wants to be loved and give love back.   The bond between Weber and his dad is one of a kind.   Weber is without a doubt the truest definition of a spirit animal to his pops!

This session was so much fun!  The love between these four was truly amazing to witness and capture.  And getting to photograph the engagement celebration at the fire-house was an awesome and unique twist.   I just love how the photos capture all the fun this family has together, and I imagine the fun times are just beginning for them!   We wish them so much happiness and all the best for the future!

Here are some of our favorite images from the session.  We hope you enjoy!  🙂

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