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Quinney's Session at CU Boulder Campus

Hi Friends!  Thank you for stopping by the Blog.  Today, I want to tell you all about our amazing and snowy session with Quinny at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus. 😃🐾 Quinny is an uuuber-adorbs 9-month old Samoyed. 🐶 “Quinny” is short for Quinoline, a chemical (formula C9H7N)→ momma + dad are scientists/chemists, could you guess?! 🔬 Her official registered name is “Snowshoe’s Explosive Reaction”. 🤩 Quinny is her mom’s first pup + she waited a long time to finally bring her home.  Quinny is pure joy + happiness. 🥰 She has the very typical “Sammy smile” and loves being loved on! ❤️ Quinny really enjoys naps, chewing on all sorts of chews, cuddling, walking, picking things up just to drop them for a treat, and especially meeting other doggos.  In typical northern breed fashion, Quinny is known to do her sassy teenage “head roll” in protest when asked to do something 🤣😂, but she’s a good girlie and will oblige eventually.

Being a sled dog, Quinny obviously loves the cold and LOVES pulling on her leash/harness! 🛷 That’s why we were so excited when we landed on a wintery wonderland on her shoot day! ☃️🌨 CU at Boulder is very special to Quinny’s parents (both CU alums) so having the session on campus was a no-brainer.  Quinny had a blast playing around in the snow, and there’s no doubt she will grow up with lotsa CU spirit in her!  We loved getting to meet Quinny + her parents and wish them many happy + snowy memories to come!  #GoBuffs 🙌🏻

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