Ralph and Penelope’s Rooftop Session

Earlier this year, we got to meet and shoot two adorable pups, Ralph and Penelope, and their humans on an awesome rooftop deck.  The views from the rooftop were incredible, with our iconic high-rises spanning left to right.  The session started out overcast but quickly filled with sunlight.  This was a gift certificate session, which is always fun, because it’s an unexpected treat for all involved  (pun intended, because treats are always involved).  🙂  Ralph & Penelope were the cutest little four-legged balls of fun and we loved getting to meet and shoot the whole family!  Here’s a little bit about the pups, in their mom’s own (perfect & witty) words: Ralph Pugglesworth Ronkin Ralph shows his special personality to everyone he meets.  He was born in March 2006 to a breeder who was just starting to experiment with Pug-Beagle mixes, so is now approaching his 10th birthday.  But don’t let his age fool you.  Ralph is very smart, and has certain routines that he lives for.  Growing up, Ralph lived in doorman buildings.  Grass?  That is for country folk.  Ralph has always trotted down the sidewalk and said hello to tourists and homeless alike as though they are occupying HIS city.  He quickly wins the hearts of everyone he meets through his funny intentional actions – like pushing buttons on the elevator (never the right floor), putting down his own window in the car, or covering himself with a blanket so he can get comfortable on the couch.  Ralph is unapologetically independent, often seeking the most comfortable position he can find in the room (or even another room in the house if he feels so inclined!). Penelope Guy Penelope is the new addition to the family, approaching her 1st birthday at the end of the month.  She is very pretty, and is what they now call an English Puggle – a mix of an English Bulldog and Puggle. Penelope is absolutely fearless as demonstrated by her head first barreling in to walls, couches or her older brother while running up and down the stairs of the house.  She is stubborn to learn any sort of obedience or rules unless there is a kernel of food promised for good behavior – which quickly earned her a multitude of nicknames like P-NUT, Pennifer Lopez, Penny from the Block, P-Brain and Penelo-P.  No small dog park is good for Penelope.  She prefers to run with the big boys, and can often be found chasing dogs three times her size for hours.  If you get lucky, you may see Penelope late at night when she is finally sleepy.  Her legs are always straight out (PAWS-OUT!), and her eyes roll back in her head like an exorcism is taking place.  That’s when we know she is relaxing after a long playful day. We had such a blast photographing this family and wish them all the happiness in the world!  Here are some of our favorites from the shoot.  Because of the unique backdrop, we had a lot of fun with post-production, which for this blog included some extra cool touches, we think.  What do you think??

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