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Recco at Silver Dollar Lake

Hi Everyone!  Hope you’re doing well.  Today’s blog is one for the books… like literally, I feel like Recco’s images could be compiled in an adventure story book!  Every time I look at these photos and I think back on our session with Recco just a few weeks ago, I completely FREAK over this cutie + this scenery!  I have so much to say about our insanely beautiful and fun session with Recco, but first, puppy bio time!  Here’s a little bit about Recco, in his own words…

“Haiiii world, I’m Recco, a 4 month old Golden Retriever who is looking forward to an adventurous life ahead here in the Rocky Mountains!🐶🐾🏔 I have already gone on many hikes, where I like to hang out in dad’s backpack and enjoy the ride when I gets tired. 😬 But I did reaaaally good on my own on our big 4+ mile hike with WYTP for my first profesh photo gig ever!

I love meeting new people + I got to meet so many people on our photo shoot, you guys! Like literally everyone who passed us stopped in their tracks to say hi to me and give me pets! 🥰🎉 I loved it sooo much! My name is super kewl, do you know what it means? My awesome pawrents named me after the RECCO rescue technology, an electronic method that facilitates organized rescue teams locating people buried by an avalanche or lost in the outdoors.

I’m already so excited for all the ski adventures I’ll get to go on in the winter! ⛷🚠 I had the best time on our shoot with WYTP… I hiked, I played by the lake, I rolled in the meadows, I posed in front of the mountains and I got to be the center of attention! BEST. DAY. EVER!” 

In addition to giving us major puppy fever, our session with Recco had hands down one of the most beautiful settings I have seen here in Colorado in the 2.5 years we’ve been here so far (still have lots to explore). 🤩 I had done this hike to Silver Dollar Lake with Newton once before and when I sent Recco’s mom some pics, she was hooked! The 5:30 a.m. wake up time, 1.5 hour drive up to Guanella Pass, the 8 a.m. hike start and the 4+ mile hike were absolutely worth it! 🙌🏻  This session will definitely go down in WYTP history as one of our faves… and a super fun bonus, we got to do it with 2 Penn Staters (Recco’s parents are Penn State grads like me!) We are! 🔵🦁⚪️ 

If you are interested in an adventure package like this one and are up for a moderate 4+ hike in the mountains, reach out + say hi and let’s start planning! 

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