Roxie’s 9th Adoption Day Anniversary

Dear friends:  This blog is long overdue and very special to us.  It features one of the most-heart-warming doggie souls we’ve ever met, Roxie.   Roxie’s mom reached out to us to schedule a session, because Roxie was celebrating her 9th Adoption day anniversary and turning 14.  When we learned about Roxie before the shoot, we could not wait to meet her. Her story is absolutely one of the most touching we’ve come across in quite some time.   Because we cannot possibly do this story justice with our words, we will let Roxie’s mom share it in her own beautiful words… FAIR WARNING:  Have some tissues near-by.

“I know very little about the five years of her life before we met; all I know is she had 9 puppies and was in foster care in rural South Carolina. All of her puppies were adopted, and she was scheduled to be euthanized the following week due to her age and advanced heartworm disease. Hers was literally the last kennel I came to, and I cried the moment our eyes met. When they let her out of the cage, she didn’t come to me– she scoured the premises for a way out. She was emaciated from nursing, she was desperate, she was smart. Her road to recovery was long: heartworm treatment is grueling, and she tried to escape me for months, not realizing I wanted to help her and keep her. At home she was the most inactive dog I’d ever seen. She accepted treats and some affection, but if I lay too close to her on the floor, she’d get up and move away. I spent a lot of time on the floor, showing her I was closing my eyes and that it was okay to sleep. I wanted more than anything for her to relax and feel safe.

Watching her transformation over months and then years has been a revelation for me. She has taught me so much about strength and resilience, about healing and love. If anything, now that she will be turning 14, I wish I had done more for her, especially for her mind. I prayed when I adopted her that I could have 10 years with her– that would be two-thirds of her life, a definite majority that would not be spent pregnant or starving or neglected. Now that we’ve had the grace to make it to 9, I feel like I need to start preparing myself for life without her, and that is why this photo shoot is so important to me. She’s been the only constant on an otherwise tumultuous journey. She is my beautiful best friend.”

If Roxie’s story doesn’t completely embody the amazing power of rescue, we don’t know what will.   We are so honored to have been able to do this session for Roxie and her mom.   Here are some of our favorite images from Roxie’s session.  Enjoy.  🙂

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