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Stormy's Epic Mount Falcon West Session

Hi everyone!  We hope you’re staying safe and warm in this cold snap and much-needed snow storm we’re having.  As it’s been a while since my last post, I wanted to take this day off to showcase beautiful Stormy!  We met Stormy and her dad this past summer after she won our Instagram 5,000 followers celebration contest!  🥳🎉

Stormy is a new family member rescued just back in April of this year.  She is a GORGEOUS Australian Shepherd mix, but what she’s mixed with they have no idea yet! (We think she may have some husky in her, what do you think?) Stormy is believed to about 1.5 yo.  While she was extremely shy at first, she warmed up and in just a matter of weeks she completely broke out of her shell and has been jumping, playing, barking, and all the above!  This pretty girl loves humans and adventuring in the woods. She also pretty much lives on chicken at the moment.  The reason her dad wanted her is because she looked like a dog that would be full of energy and love to go hiking and camping every weekend with him. So far, they’re already the perfect match for each other! 

Stormy was the perfect model pup for our gorgeous Mount Falcon West backdrop… she’s wild at heart but with the sweetest soul and I just know this pair is going to have the most amazing adventures together!  Yeahy for happy tails and rescue!   I am so grateful that I got to do this pet session and capture this beautiful girl!  We wish them both nothing but the best. 

Here are some of my very favorite images from Stormy’s session! I hope you enjoy! ❤️

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