Sydney The Adorable Beagle Lab Mix

Hello there dear friends!  Today we want to introduce you to a very special little cutie named  Sydney.  Sydney is a 4 year old Beagle Lab mix who was rescued in March of 2013.   Sydney’s rescue story, like so many others, is truly amazing and inspiring.   She was found on the side of the road with a family of bunnies after Hurricane Sandy and taken in by a foster family in West Virginia.   From there she was transported to Jersey City, where her momma later adopted her through See Spot Rescued.  Originally named Sally Fields (OMG, we die!), her name was changed to Sydney and she was brought to her furever home in Hoboken, NJ.

After living with her mom in Hoboken for 2 years, Sydney got the opportunity to live with her grandparents in Bristol, PA.   The time spent at grandma and grandpa’s house was a tremendous help, not only to her mom who transitioned to a job that required more travel, but also to her grandparents.   Sydney had an incredibly calming and healing affect on her grandpa following a significant health scare.  Being a country girl at heart, Sydney also very much welcomed the opportunity to run around a yard, chase squirrels and bunnies and enjoy suburban life!

Now splitting her time between Bristol and Hoboken, Sydney truly gets the best of both worlds.  Sydney is a huge hit and total sweetheart with everyone she meets.  We can certainly attest to that as we instantly fell in love with her! In her free time, Sydney loves to go for runs, play tug of war, cuddle on the couch and chase every bunny or squirrel she sees.  As her family has quickly learned, she truly is the best thing that could have ever happened to them!

They always say that pets provide many health benefits to their humans… exercise, love, laughter, companionship, de-stressing and anxiety diminishing, pets are truly amazing.  We are so happy that the rescue efforts of all those involved brought Sydney to her momma and grandparents, and we are so honored to have met this incredible pup and her amazing family! We wish them all the very best!!  Here are some of our favorite images from Sydney’s session.  We hope you enjoy!

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