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Three Westies + A Family Affair

Hi frens! How’s everyone doing? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve run the gamut of emotions over the past couple of weeks. Good news, I’m here to hopefully brighten your day and brings lots of smiles to your faces!

Today, we are all about FAMILY! While we are technically showcasing two separate sessions, everyone in these two sessions is family. Please meet the cutiest Westies, Jasper (a/k/a Jazzy, Jazzbo, Jazzercise, Jab-a-saur, and…..The Maniac), Annabelle (aka Pippy for Pip Squeak) + Bianca (aka Roo). Jasper and Annabelle are siblings and Bianca is… I guess their auntie!

These beautiful Westies and their beautiful humans make up the most loving, caring and wonderful bunch ever! We were sooo excited when Jasper + Annabelle’s mom reached out to schedule these dog photo sessions!

Jasper + Annabelle with their momma and dad
Bianca and her momma (who is Jasper and Annabelle’s mom’s mother)


First up was Bianca and her mom! We met up for Bianca’s session on a gorgeous fall afternoon at McCabe Meadows Park in Parker, CO. Golden hour was right around the corner, just in time for our session, which made for a beautiful setting. Bianca and her mom are completely inseparable. They bring each other so much joy and support each other no matter what. Their bond is so strong, and we were so lucky to capture it.

When we met Bianca, she was about turn 16 years old – can you believe it?!?  She doesn’t look it at all!  While sweet Roo had struggled with her health earlier in the year, she was back in the saddle and doing so well when we got to meet her!  Roo has also spent lots of time at Jasper and Annabelle’s home and the three are super tight.  As her human sis told us, “Roo is sweeter than sweet, and has been her whole life!  I swear if she saw an ant on the sidewalk she’d go around it so she wouldn’t hurt it.”  This heart of gold was immediately evident to me the second I reached out and said hello to this beautiful soul.

Jasper + Annabelle

Next up were Jasper + Annabelle! We met this adorable pair and their humans at the Golden History Park in Golden, CO. And again, we got a gorgeous day with beautiful late afternoon golden-hour lighting shining through the gorgeous scenery! So here’s a little bit about cuties Jasper (aka Jazzy) and Annabelle (aka Pippy) in their momma’s own words (because I can’t possibly say it better): “I got Jazzy as a puppy. It was just he and I for a couple years before I met my hubs. He was even the ring bearer in our wedding! 🥰 He’s a crazy man that never met a person, animal, plant, or rock he didn’t want to be friends with! Friendly is an understatement! He doesn’t wait for life to happen….he cruises on in and happens to life! 😁 Right after we got married, we applied for and were picked to adopt Annabelle from Wag-N-Train terrier Rescue!!! PARTY….It’s a GIRL! ❤️The rescue woman flew from Nebraska to bring her to us and when they took her out of the carrier, my hubs asked where the rest of her was! LOL! 😂We call her Pippy for Pip Squeak since she’s so bitty! She had been in a puppy mill for 3 years and it took her awhile to really settle in, but she has grown into the most wonderful little lady!! She’s super smart and learns everything quickly. She almost always has a toy in her mouth (when she’s not getting her pic taken) or her tongue hanging out when she’s relaxed. 😋EVERYONE falls in love with her wherever she goes! Her nicknames include Pipster, Hippy Pippy, Hipster Pipster, Pip-a-saur-us….she loves dragon/dinosaur toys…it’s so funny!” And guess what, it’s this adorable girly’s BIRFDAY this week!!! Happy happy birthday sweet girl. A little birdie told me that momma made you home-made cookies and has a virtual B-day pawty planned! WOOT WOOT!
I can’t tell you how truly grateful we are to have been able to utilize this professional pet photography experience to capture and document the love and incredible bond this family has. Bianca, Jasper + Annabelle are just the cutest and totally stole our hearts. We wish them all nothing but the very best for the future and have no doubt they will share many many wonderful memories for years to come. #westielove XOXO, WYTP
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