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Veda, The Sweetest Doberman Pincher Ever

Hi everyone! It’s been a whirlwind summer already, amiright?! We just got back from an epic road trip to South Dakota. I always love taking Newton and Maya on trips with us, so to have them with us on that 6-hour drive and 4-day vacation was the best ever! I’ll be writing up a little blog on our trip with dog-friendly travel tips for that region soon, so keep a look out! For now, let me tell you a little bit about our recent session with GORGEOUS Veda at Crown Hill Park. Veda’s mom reached out to me to schedule a session as a birthday gift for her husband, because Veda means so much to him and her both, and they wanted to capture her sweet personality with a fun shoot while she is still in her prime! You can imagine how excited I was to meet her!

Veda is a red Doberman Pinscher and was born June 6th, 2011 in Georgia. Can you believe she just turned 8?!?! Veda was one of eight in a litter, and her mom and dad picked her up when she was 7 weeks old. They took her home, and instantly Veda became a part of their family and has been with them since.

In case you are wondering where her beautiful name comes from, Veda means knowledge or wisdom in Sanskrit. As her mom says, the name fits her well as she is a wise soul! Before we met Veda, her mom told us that Veda has such a sweet and loving temperament and likes most all people and dogs (as long as they like her). This couldn’t be more true. The second I met Veda, she was such a sweetheart and it felt like I’d known her forever! She was also such a good listener and a stellar poser. If Veda wants to get into doggie modeling, I have no doubt she’d kill it!

Like most dog-parents, Veda is like their child. She gets all of their love and attention, and deservedly so, may I add. In her free-time, Veda likes to go on walks, hikes, play hide and seek, meet new people and dogs, nap, and snuggle. She also loves sucking on her blanket and has done this since she was a puppy. While Veda might be slowing down a little with her age, she still loves to play and walk and is still full of life and energy! I have no doubt the abundance of love she gets has a lot to do with that.

We had such a blast meeting and photographing such a beautiful dog like Veda, and I am so glad we got to be a part of this super special birthday present for Veda’s dad! We wish Veda and her family all the best! Below are some of my favorite photographs from Veda’s session. Hope you enjoy!

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