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Wilson's Epic Studio Session!

Hi everyone!  We hope your summer is off to a great start!  The WYTP team recently made a small move within our studio building at Prism Workspaces.  Well, it wasn’t small at all, we actually moved into a slightly larger studio space, which is super exciting.  The new studio is perfect, because it gives us more space for all of our gear, and it allows all the furry cuties that come to visit enough room to move around and be comfortable. 

Our very first furry guest at the new studio was none other than adorable Wilson, the St. Bernard!  Wilson has become a truly special and beloved member of the WYTP family.  We first met Wilson when he was just a few months old!  He and his older St. Bernard brother Apollo (RIP) and Pittie mix brother Tom have had multiple epic sessions with us now, and we couldn’t be more in love with each of them.  And of course we were so excited when Wilson’s mom reached out to do a studio session for him.  You see, in addition to being super adorable and sweet, Wilson is the newly-crowned Budweiser Dog for their new dog-inspired brew and this studio sesh was the perfect way to celebrate his win! 

Wilson’s studio shoot was filled with tons of fun props, treat throwing shenanigans and even wind-swept fur from the studio fan that we used to cool down this VID (very important dog)!  If you haven’t met a St. Bernard yet, you might not know that they drooooool a ton and get hot easily.  But we don’t mess around here at WYTP!  We had tons of water and the fan on deck.  I hope you love the pics we were able to capture of Wilson.  Do you have a favorite???

PS: I have no idea how the T-Rex got in the studio, but have no fear, security has been alerted and is on T-Rex watch! 

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