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WUT?!! “The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Denver”

Hey you guyyyyyyys!  I hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather!  So yesterday, my web master extraordinaire, AKA my hubby/photo shoot assistant and all around knight in shining armor, John, sent me a link to an article by PeerSpace titled “The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Denver” and just GUESS who was a part of this amazing group of pet photographers??!?!  MEEEEEE!!!!

I seriously can’t stop smiling, especially because it means so much to be recognized here in Denver not even a year into moving here.  And, honestly, the kind words this writer had to say about my work blew me away.  I seriously can’t believe it and I’m just so incredibly grateful.  What an amazing honor to be recognized in this fabulous group of artists.  I’m just completely blown away.  Thank you so much to PeerSpace for including me.  I am beyond humbled and stupid happy!  If you’re dying to hear what they had to say about me, please go check out the article here.  Thanks so much for reading, and THANK YOU for always being so supportive.  You guys are the BEST!

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