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Zeke + his parents’ beautiful Save-the-Date session at Mount Falcon East

Happy June, everyone!  What a crazy few months it’s been.   Finally, my hubby John and I, and so many others, are fully vaccinated (thank you Pfizer, Moderna + J&J), and the calls and emails for furkid photo shoots are pouring in.  We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.  But, being so busy out on shoots means falling behind on blogs… I’m doing my darndest to catch up and give the amazing babies we’ve met their time to shine.  So here we go… up today is Zeke + his parents’ beautiful Save-the-Date session at Mount Falcon East!  If you’re not familiar with Mount Falcon East – it’s a gorgeous, less frequented, park in Morrison, Colorado, with beautiful views of Red Rocks Park.  As you can tell from mom’s beautiful summer dress, we had a gorgeous + warm day shooting in March – this is why I love Colorado!  You get days like this in the dead of winter.

Zeke’s momma and dad, like so many other couples last year, had to re-think their wedding plans due to the Pandemic.  But, they didn’t let that bring them down.  This super sweet and fun-loving couple made the best of it and are headed to the altar this summer!  They also got a a totes adorable new pupper, named Zeke, so there was lots to celebrate.  Being my kinda people, they decided to combine a shoot capturing their new baby Zeke with a save-the-date session!  These are some of my fave sessions, because they just overflow with love and the sweetest moments. 

Here’s a little bit about Zeke, in his own words…  “Hi, I’m Zeke!  I’m a 7-month old English Cream Golden Retriever, born in Ohio but raised here in CO! 🏔🤗 I’m a very polite and chill little dude, and I got the moniker “dude”, because if you meet me, you’ll instantly see that it fits my personality to a T! I’m super friendly and LOVE to make new friends with every human, dog or anything else new that I meet. ❤️🐶😃🐱 Among my many puppy habits, I really enjoy having a collection of nice things, like shoes and stuffed animals, and I love to cuddle them all – yes even shoes (Exhibit A on my IG page)! Sometimes on my walkies, I’ll find a nice rock or stick or piece of bark and insist on trotting back home to play with it. When it’s play-time, I just kind of run and throw my body at things, especially other dogs. HAHAHA, oopsies! 🤣 The polite side of me comes through mostly when I’m confused. Like when I hear a noise that I’ve never heard before or encounter something new that confuses me, I just sits down politely and wait for further instructions from the parental units.

Basically, me in a nutshell: Very chill and polite, but definitely got spunk + attitude, am normally perfectly behaved but also quickly turn into a monster when I gets really tired. 😈 Oh and my momma + dad say that even for a puppy, I’m just really cute… the photog lady totes agrees! She gushed all over me on our pawsome shoot last weekend – it was a super fun day to celebrate ME (of course) and also my pawrents engagement!!! 💍 I even got to wear a special bandana to commemorate the occasion! The shoot was a blast, I got lots of cuddles, treats, stick-time and “AWs”. I mean… with all the amazing modeling I was doing so naturally, I’d be gushing over myself too. 😃 I hope you like my pictures! 💙”

We wish this AMAZING family all the best for their future – we have no doubt Zeke and his parents are going to make so many incredible memories together! If you are recently a new dog mom or dad, or you are looking to capture some beautiful save-the-date photos with your furbaby, reach out and let’s chat!
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